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Upasana's designs are deeply rooted in the Indian Culture and school thought which promotes the idea that there is beauty in every weave. She is known for her detailed craftsmanship and unique color palette, Gupta's designs fuse Indian heritage with a playful, contemporary vibe.

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Vintage Wanderlust

The collection is all about mixing a past of high-quality colonial time and era with a strong desire to wander. The era in which simplicity and strength never ceased to amaze, the strongest force was not any individual but the women in that era who will be remembered. Thus, paying an ode to those women in this collection.


They say, the most beautiful things are always hidden behind thesimplest appearing things, all you need to do it magnify your perspective. Just like that the lines in the collection hide small little beautiful black dotsgiving a magnificient structure to the line. It is really fascinating to see howthese simple basic lines can add so much depth to the fabric and uplift it's texture instantly. 

Kamal Bagh

In the midst of chaos, we are able to harness our true potential and beauty, The sentiment of kamal bagh is of having faith and being fearless. This collection schools a thought that believes in beauty and opportunity in utmost chaos.

Its been designed for a women, who blossoms into something unconquerable and yearns to be released from the mundane, and re invent her self.


Isn't it fascinating how basic shapes can be turned into anything? Well, doing it with paper is called Origami. Ever wondered, if it could be done with fabric too?This was when this collection was born and gave  joy of creation by our own handsin our gaments. The collection was made keeping in mind of all the people who want towear something extraordinary and stand out from the rest. Silhouttes are simple yet twists and turns making you feel your own kind of beautiful.

WRinkle Muffle

The collection is all about a textile that has been treated to resist external stress and hold it's shape. The fabric does not need to be ironed and may be sold as non - iron, no-iron, wash and wear, durable press and easy care. The collection was inspired from the deers of our forest. Deer being the epitome of grace, swiftness, peace and beauty. Proudly, all these styles can be worn by anyone in any age group. Classy yet a chique collection.

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